Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day

I love back to school time. I always wish I was starting school again. It's just about my favorite time of the year. Mr T just started kindergarten and he is spouting Spanish words and phrases already. He has been gleefully reading Captain Underpants books lately. One of the cartoon characters said, "We kick butt." He showed it to me and I told him it wasn't the nicest thing to say. He said, "I know. But it's really funny." Hmm. A boy after the manner of his father and uncle.

This is how Z looked on the first day of school. We went for a walk one night and were devoured by mosquitoes. His eye was just about swollen shut for a couple of days so we called him Quasimodo. He is struggling against the taunting of an older brother, who loves to call him a "weirdo" to which Z screams, "I'm NOT a weirdo." (Both boys can't pronounce their R's which makes it all the more entertaining.)

It's hard to believe MJ is in 4th grade already. She is seeming more and more grown up. We had "the talk" with her the first week of school. We had prepped her by telling her we were going out to dinner and had something really important to tell her. After our discussion, she kept saying, "this isn't what I expected at all!" She thought we would be discussing her sometimes strained relationship with T.

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Wachet Auf

I heard this achingly beautiful Bach chorale during the credits of a Mad Men episode. It was familiar, and once I heard it, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I tried picking out the melody last night on the piano and then downloaded the music tonight. My goal: to learn it and play it in church.
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